visual research

Applied colors always occur as a combination of color and surface material. Our preferences for the selection of these combinations are subject to the mechanisms of need and satisfaction. Theses are specific to culture and always temporary. The change and recurrence of particular color preferences is well assessable through exact observation of socio-cultural influences and changing ideals. Color trend prognoses over longer periods of time are possible but never 100% sure since the sense of color is influenced by changed political situations or important public events.

Example for a material and surface trend of the investment goods industry: After a strong presence of metallic shiny surfaces (current) follows a "material honest" objectivity created by a growing desire for avoidance. Deep and luscious, often highly matt colorfulness is the result. These "material trends" follow considerably slower cycles as the "color-per-se-trends" of the ready-made industry.


Deductive, inductive, worldwide interviews.

Interview partner (about):
40% Designers
20% Artists
10% Persons working in the media
10% Architects
10% Persons engaged in the cultural sector
10% Consultants and industry experts